Personal Growth Counseling

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Personal Growth Counseling - Better Life Through Therapy

Personal Growth Counseling | C. Wesley Jackson, Jr., PhD, Inc. - Cleveland, OH

I am a personal growth counselor because I truly believe that people can help themselves. They just need a little support in the right direction, and a gentle ear to talk to. Through my schooling and my prior experience helping individuals and couples in the Cleveland, Ohio area, I have the skills and the tools necessary to aide and teach you how to manage your own life and emotions.

As a personal growth counselor, I offer my services to any client who needs help. I serve regardless of race, gender, and religious orientation, and I specifically offer services to the LGBT community.

Sometimes individual or couple issues are different than the dysfunctions of traditional psychotherapy. Often these issues are stimulated by life stage transitions or unanticipated life situations. Examples include:

• Pre-retirement, retirement, or “of an age to retire, but still working” challenges;
• Infertility or infertility treatment experiences;
• Adoption or fostering “trials and tribulations”;
• Job and career choices;
• Loss of job and career complications;
• Other unexpected or challenging life situations

This is just a small sampling of general issues that I can help you tackle. My goal is not just to help you live with these problems, or just survive, although sometimes this can be a formidable goal in itself. No, as a personal growth counseling, my goal is to help you live with happiness, contentment, and even passion. You shouldn’t settle for anything less, and that’s why I’m here for you.

So if you are in need of a personal growth counseling or a clinical psychologist for any of these reasons or any other personal issues not listed here, don’t hesitate to give me a call so we can talk it through. Schedule an appointment with me today.