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Couples Therapy | C. Wesley Jackson, Jr., PhD, Inc.

Growing up, most of us learn from our parents and peers an individual approach to looking at people’s problems.

Individual Therapy | C. Wesley Jackson, Jr., PhD, Inc.

At C. Wesley Jackson, Jr., PhD, Inc. I specialize in individual therapy as well as couples therapy. Individual therapy is fairly...

Personal Growth Counseling | C. Wesley Jackson, Jr., PhD, Inc.

As the sole owner and operator of C. Wesley Jackson, Jr., PhD, Inc., I am a personal growth counseling looking to better people’s...

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At C. Wesley Jackson, Jr., PhD, Inc., I am here to serve your mental health needs. I understand that sometimes just getting through your normal routine and functioning properly can be more than tough. If you have mental health or relationship problems, it can be even more difficult.

I serve the entire Cleveland, Ohio area, and I hope to facilitate residents’ mental health and get them back to doing what they do best. I believe it is not enough to simply live; for a satisfying life, one must thrive as well. I want to help people thrive. During our sessions, I will sit down with the couple or the individual and talk with them about anything going on in their lives. I will take an in-depth look at their problems and their personalities, and I will help them try to get to the bottom of whatever has marred their sense of well-being, whether it be relationship troubles, work stresses, lack of sleep, or family problems. My job is to help you change yourself as you see fit. Therapy is a proven remedy for all sorts of issues and troubles. When you talk to a professional, psychologist therapist, you allow yourself to see things from a different perspective, because you are telling your life story to someone who knows nothing of it. You can be as truthful and as direct as you need to be. That trust allows you to work through your problems as you say them out loud.

If you are having mental troubles, personal troubles, relationship troubles, or any other sort of life problems, you should consider speaking to a professional. And if you decide to do so, please give me a call. I’d like to be there for you when you most need a listening ear.